Ensure you are adequately covered this festive season

Ensure you are adequately covered this festive season

We have 7 tips to ensure that you are adequately covered this festive season, click here. Read similar blog articles below: Handy tips to stay safe this holiday season! How is risk determined on a vehicle insurance premium? Spotlight on cyber risk insurance The consequences of not paying your monthly short-term insurance premium 9 hints that your insurance is outdated

When driving in heavy rain

Keep yourself and your vehicle safe when driving in heavy rain

Afternoon thunder showers are becoming more and more frequent in some parts of the country. Thus as a motorist, keep in mind that any severe type of weather condition can significantly increase your risk of getting involved in a dangerous situation that could put you and your vehicle in great danger. Be aware of hydroplaning: A big part of staying …

journey towards financial wellness

Insurance 360 to support you on your journey towards financial wellness

A financially well individual is a person who has a clear understanding of their current financial situation and has plans in place to prepare for future financial changes. Iemas Insurance Brokers’ view of holistic financial health is based on four pillars, namely: securing your future, securing your family, securing your belongings and securing your business. According to the Automobile Association …