Your level of education plays a crucial role in your employability. This is evident in results from a recent study by Statistics South Africa, which shows that the unemployment rate for a person without matric is 33.1%, for a person with matric it is 27.5% and for a person with some form of tertiary education it is 17.8%.

These statistics highlight that education increases your chance of securing a job. In South Africa, where the average unemployment rate is close to 30%, it’s essential that you invest in education today, to create a brighter future for tomorrow.

Our GradUcare educational loan opens doors for future careers

At Iemas we believe that finances should not hold anyone back from realising their dreams, that is why we offer an educational loan that you can use to either further your own part-time studies or to educate your children.

What else can you use a GradUcare educational loan for?

Fees make up just one part of a learner’s expenses, as there are many other costs including books and institution accommodation. This is where GradUcare puts up its hand and leads from the front. Your GradUcare educational loan is more than just a student loan, it covers the cost of fees, campus accommodation, text books – and so much more.

The GradUcare educational loan product features:

  • The principal debtor (Iemas member) must be employed at one of Iemas’ participating employer groups
  • Study loan amount up to R80 000, subject to affordability assessment
  • Loan interest rate is subject to approval and may vary to a maximum of prime plus 3%
  • A repayment period of up to 60 months
  • A once-off initiation fee and monthly admin fees are applicable

The Iemas advantage: Iemas members share in the profits

As an Iemas member, you do not simply use our products, you benefit from the profits too. Every year during November we allocate a portion of our profits to you. These member reward allocations depend on the type and number of products you used throughout the year.

An example of the member rewards on an Iemas GradUcare educational loan is:

Financing Amount Reward % (based on the latest reward allocations) Annual reward payment in November
R40,000 10% R 551

To apply for a GradUcare educational loan you need the following:

  • Identity Document / Certified copy of Identity Document, Passport or Identity Card
  • Three latest payslips
  • Proof of residence (Not older than 3 months)
  • Tax invoice/quotation (Including institution bank details)
  • ID/certified ID of student

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