How to save on your vehicle expenses

How to save on your vehicle expenses

Your vehicle is probably your most beloved possession and your most expensive one. However, there are ways to save on your vehicle expenses, here are the few tips on how you can save:

Use car-wash products when you wash your vehicle: Only use proper car-wash products that won’t scratch or damage your vehicle’s paintwork. And don’t use a dirty rag – the grit on the rag could cause costly scratches.

Drive economically: Control your fuel costs by driving as economically as possible. Start by planning your journeys, thereby avoiding wasted trips. Close the windows (open windows create drag) and exert as little pressure on the accelerator as possible. When you are on the road, anticipate stops and slow down well in advance.

Consider refinancing your vehicle: There are many cost saving benefits when you refinance your vehicle through Iemas. Some of the benefits include: the opportunity to reduce your current monthly instalment, your annual cash-back rewards, skipping one month’s instalment, the opportunity to get a lower interest rate. Contact us for more information on: 0861 043 627 or visit: Vehicle Finance

Take your vehicle for a service: A vehicle that is running properly is more economical, as there is less chance of it breaking down – which might cost you more than a service. Remember that when you buy a brand new vehicle, you will be covered for the first few services until the service plan expires.

Check your tyre pressure regularly: If you overinflate your tyres, they could burst and therefore would have to be replaced. Also keep in mind that the wrong tyre pressure could increase your vehicle’s fuel consumption by as much as 20% to 30%.

Make sure you have comprehensive vehicle insurance: This will ensure that you are covered for fire, theft and accidents (including the damage of the other vehicle involved in the accident if you were at fault). Iemas Insurance Brokers, a wholly owned subsidiary of Iemas Financial Services and authorised financial services provider (FSP 47563), offers affordable vehicle insurance solutions, contact us on: 0860 102 383 or SMS or visit Iemas Insurance Brokers

Don’t speed: Speeding is bad on a number of counts. It’s dangerous, it wastes fuel, and it can result in extremely costly speeding tickets. So give it a miss.

Let Iemas’ vehicle finance solution put you in the driver’s seat. Remember, Iemas not only offers competitive and affordable vehicle finance options, but we can also assist with refinancing your vehicle or find your dream car on your behalf. We are as proud of your new wheels as you are, which is why Iemas also provides short-term insurance for those unfortunate incidents. Contact Iemas Financial Services on 0861 043 627 to speak to a vehicle finance consultant or visit our website

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