Tips for the winter chills

Winter is here! Here are a few tips to ensure your safety and help you to combat the cold over the next couple of months.

Fire safety – most people enjoy to light a cosy fire or snuggle up to a heater or electric blanket to keep warm. Although nice, one must keep in mind that these heating methods increase the risk of fires in the home. It is therefore important to ensure that everyone in your family is aware of the dangers of fire and leaving such items unattended.

Load shedding – the possibility of striking again – remains a reality, even more so during winter time. Thus, be extra cautious this winter as many have to cope with damage to appliances and electronic devices brought on by power surges. Unplug your appliances and devices during load shedding, and only switch them on 10 minutes after the electricity has returned.

Surge protection – make use of surge protection devices in your home and business to minimise the damage to your appliances and electronic devices. Fit the device at all power outlets (plugs) connected to appliances and devices.

Insulating the pipes – one of the highest claims in short-term insurance during winter time is due to burst pipes – especially in older homes. Ensure to inspect your pipes for minor leaks and other weaknesses. Take care of it while it is cheap to repair.

Insulate your home – an affordable option is roof insulation. It keeps your home warm in winter and cool in summer. It is also a good time to inspect your windows and doors to ensure they seal properly. Also, ensure you have extra carpets around the house to ward off the cold.

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