Iemas Financial Services is a co-operative that first opened its doors in 1937. We’ve grown steadily with each passing year, and today we are proud to be the largest financial services co-operative in South Africa. Iemas employs 500+ people, based in more than 29 offices country wide. Our people strategy is aimed at establishing and maintaining an organisational culture of performance, in support of sustainable growth. We strive to provide a healthy work environment with ongoing support by means of people and leadership development, diversity integration and employee wellness programmes. In promising to be a caring partner to our members, it is expected of Iemas employees to conform to the corporate values of professionalism, integrity, ownership and accountability, dignity, teamwork and innovation.

What makes Iemas different?

As a co-operative, we are driven by the unique philosophy of putting people, and not profit, at the heart of our business. As a member-focused organisation, we have always conducted business in an open and transparent manner, which is testament to our sound and resilient business model.

How we work

Iemas has agreements with more than 600 employers in South Africa, which allow us to offer their respective employees a range of comprehensive financial products and services, including vehicle finance, personal loans, educational loans, pension-backed loans, a purchase card and comprehensive insurance solutions. When an individual uses an Iemas product, they become a member of the co-operative. This means that, along with the many product benefits, they also get to share in the profits through annual member rewards. The agreement Iemas has with the employer further allows for one consolidated monthly repayment via salary deduction. This results in reduced bank charges and ensures that payments are not missed.

Our annual Iemas member rewards

Iemas members get to share in our profits. Over the past 10 years Iemas allocated over R 1 billion to members through its annual member rewards, with R 109.4 million in 2018 alone. Member rewards are paid annually during the month of November and are based on the member’s product usage throughout the year.

Iemas is your caring partner in financial services

Our core value is that we care. So, when a person joins Iemas, not only do they become a part of the business, but they also become part of the Iemas family. Each and every member’s financial wellbeing matters to us, as such we offer products and services that are tailored to their unique financial needs. In addition, we provide free financial wellness workshops at our employers, to assist their employees on their journey towards financial wellness.