promote financial inclusion

Iemas earned a seat in the BANKSETA programme on financial inclusion in SA

As part of BANKSETA’s 2018 flagship International Executive Development Programme (IEDP) in Development Finance, to promote financial inclusion through novel ...
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Credit declined

Credit declined, now what?

At the end of 2018, South Africans had financed fixed property and vehicles to the value of more than R1.3 ...
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Protect yourself and your employer from cybercrime

According to the South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC), South Africa has the third highest number of cybercrime victims ...
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Tips for the winter chills

Winter is here! Here are a few tips to ensure your safety and help you to combat the cold over ...
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Make a handy pegboard for your home!

Make a versatile pegboard to hold keys and other essential items you might need as you dash out the front ...
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remote jamming

8 steps to protect you from falling victim to vehicle remote jamming

How certain are you that your vehicle is locked every time you get out of it? Unfortunately, vehicle remote jamming ...
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