Iemas Financial Services is a co-operative, where our members are part of the business. We focus on assisting the Iemas community on their journey towards financial wellness.

People are at the heart of our business

We care. This is our core value and it drives everything we do. What makes Iemas different is that because we care about the needs of our members we are motivated to create real value for you.

Iemas belongs to its members who also share in the profits

As a co-operative, Iemas is member-focused and is run based on a one member, one vote decision-making model. Iemas members don’t simply use our products, but also share in the profits. In November each year, members receive their annual member rewards either through a cashback or as a credit on their existing loan. To help members save even more, a portion of the reward is allocated to a savings fund on which you receive annual interest.

Rewards are paid per product

The annual member rewards are calculated based on the products used by the member during the financial year, in addition to how Iemas performed financially.