Everyone is looking for cheaper places to buy their groceries

Everyone is looking for cheaper places to buy their groceries

Even the rich are feeling the pinch and trying to figure out how to save money – suggests a new survey from Old Mutual. The survey shows that even wealthy South Africans are trying to save money on their monthly expenses and that they are increasingly scaling down in order to do so. The new data from the Old Mutual Savings & Investment Monitor, an annual survey of urbanites conducted by way of face-to-face interviews, indicate that 49% of South African households that earn R40 000 per month or more are shopping at cheaper supermarkets.

The stats hinted that even households that are considered to be rich (i.e. a household income of R40 000 and higher) are also looking for discounts; with 87% revealing that they are on the lookout for discounts and specials as a way to save money. Food and groceries are the main things that households are trying to save money on. Among those who buy shoes and clothing, 42% said they were cutting back on that kind of spending – and the number was slightly higher for the R40, 000 plus income households.

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Source: https://www.businessinsider.co.za/old-mutual-savings-and-investment-monitor-survey-shows-even-rich-cutting-back-2019-7

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