A magical moment for an Iemas member

As brokers, we take great pride in collaborating with service providers who care for their clients. Providers who treat our members with respect and moved with compassion to render heartwarming acts of kindness.

As such, an Iemas short-term policyholder was in a life-threatening situation and the good people from Old Mutual Insure and Magical Moments stepped in to help.

Here is the story:

Magical Moments, a non-profit charitable organisation, received a call from Dawn Grant from Old Mutual Insure, for a family in need. A few weeks prior, *Mr. Gumede was shot during a hijacking. They forced a gun into his mouth and pulled the trigger. The bullet exited through his jaw, leaving him in a critical state in the ICU, unable to speak. Dawn contacted Mr. Gumede spouse, *Palesa, with an update on their insurance claim and conveyed that she can contact her anytime. Soon into the conversation, Dawn realised that Palesa was taking strain. Palesa shared that she cannot afford airtime to contact Dawn. She travels by taxi every day, from Kriel to Witbank to visit her husband in hospital. To make her daily route a little easier, she took their eight-month-old baby to her family in Limpopo.

Dawn ended the call and contacted Magical Moments….

Ansie from Magical Moments jumped at the opportunity to help. Dawn arranged to visit Palesa. Their home was a small, one-room garage. Dawn arrived with a trolley suitcase. Palesa was so happy, she had not realised that the suitcase was filled with goodies. It brought her to tears. When it was time to leave, Palesa’s mother took Dawn’s hands and prayed for everyone for their kindness and support to her family.

The Magical Moments Care Pack included a gift voucher, clothing, toy for baby, snacks, scarves, socks and beanies packed in a trolley suitcase to assist Palesa with her trips to hospital.

A big ‘thank you’ to Dawn Grant, Old Mutual Insure, Flip Barnard Stolen and Recovery investigator and the generous team from Magical Moments.

Adapted from Old Mutual Insure and Magical Moments storyboard

*Alias names used

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