Employee Wellness

Keeping your employees happy and healthy for a better workforce

Employee wellness is a continuum; to get results from your wellness initiatives, you must adopt a holistic approach to health and wellness that considers every aspect of employee well-being. Investing in mental, social, emotional and financial health, along with physical health, will help create a happier, healthier and even more productive workforce.

Consider some of the following tips to help encourage and support a holistically enriching wellness plan for your employees:

Put a focus on mental health: Mental illness, including substance abuse, can cost your organisation a lot as it results in absenteeism, decreased performance and lost productivity. While employers do not have the ability to treat employees themselves, educating and providing resources for mental health goes a long way.

Address workplace stress: High-stress levels in the workplace can diminish opportunities for constructive teamwork, reduce productivity and harm the physical and mental wellbeing of employees. Employers could use methods such as anonymous employee surveys in an attempt to identify stressors lurking around the workplace. Be sure to implement de-stressing activities at work such as an informative session about effectively managing stress by a professional for example.

Encourage work-life balance: Balanced employees tend to have stronger relationships with employers because they feel their personal lives are respected. A higher degree of loyalty and motivation can also be expected from employees through a positive work-life balance.

Support physical wellbeing: Physical health is a big part of one’s overall wellbeing. Encourage staff to exercise after hours by utilising platforms such as the intranet or internal newsletter to keep them up to date with the latest fitness trends, regimes and outdoor events. Employees that are physically healthy are more likely to be energetic as well as physically and mentally well.

Put a focus on financial health: The financial side of employee well-being is often overlooked. It is assumed that financial health only affects an employee’s home-life. However, financial stress can take its burden in the workplace too as it can lead to high blood pressure, reduced productivity, and makes it difficult for employees to concentrate on their work.

Iemas offers free financial wellness training at the workplace of participating employers to assist employees on their journey toward financial wellness.
Iemas further offers a set of affordable funeral insurance and preventative healthcare solutions to employers, for their employees.

Are you confident that your employees are happy and healthy? Be proactive, let Iemas support you with your employee wellness initiatives.
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Adapted from: Forbes and Fin24

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