What it means to be a member

What does it mean to be a member of something? Membership definitions include various descriptions such as being connected to a principal or greater thing, or belonging to something. The one thing that is certain is that it is nice to feel part of something bigger, something that adds to and makes your life experiences better.

By being an Iemas member, you are part of a bigger community that is only available to our members. And as a caring partner, Iemas aims to make the most of your experience with us.

Strong legacy and proven track record

Iemas has been in existence for more than seven decades. We have earned our place in the market. We have a reputation of an organisation that is a business partner that can be trusted and relied upon, willing to walk the extra mile. Our research shows that Iemas members are positive about the products and services that Iemas offers, and they feel that Iemas has a history to be proud of with which they can associate.

What you say

Iemas conducts its business as a co-operative and not as a company, and this means that our members are the owners of the co-operative (similar to shareholders who own a company in a company structure). By being a member of Iemas, you have a vote at the Annual General Meeting. Iemas belongs to its members, and our members share in the prosperity of the co-operative through the annual benefit allocations.

You share in our prosperity through the benefit

The annual Iemas benefit is a major advantage of being an Iemas member. Members earn a benefit on all Iemas products except financial advisory products (life insurance). These benefits result in a reduction in the effective interest rates that our members pay on loans, which means that members have the additional benefit of paying a lower price for products and services because you channel your business through the Co-operative. Plus we help you save through your very own Iemas reserve fund, towards which a part of your annual benefit is paid in to, which also earns interest!

We are your partner

Iemas’s brand promise is to be your caring partner. We aim to build strong relationships with our members by conducting business based on mutual benefits. We want to be your partner in business and walk with you on your road of financing, financial planning and insurance.

Exclusive access

Iemas’s products and services are available exclusively to Iemas members (except for Short-term insurance), ensuring that we can offer you the best benefits because you are an Iemas member.

Salary deduction

If you work for a contracted Iemas group, another benefit of being an Iemas member is the convenience of a consolidated salary deduction for all your products with Iemas. This saves you money on bank fees and also ensures that you never miss a payment, keeping your credit record healthy.