Holiday Safety Checklist

Whether you are travelling or simply spending time at home, here is a quick checklist to ensure your financial safety and a stress-free holiday.

Protect your home

  • Organise competent house sitters or have someone check on your home regularly. Alert your security company that you are going to be away.
  • Check that your alarm is working and ringing through to your security company and check the batteries too.
  • Unplug all electronic equipment to protect it from electricity surges and lightning strikes.
  • Switch off all your geysers and protect yourself from the risk of a burst or leaking pipe.
  • Ensure that all pipes, drains and gutters are cleared of debris and leaves so that water can flow freely through and off your property.
  • Have your short-term insurance broker’s details saved in case of an emergency.

Travelling abroad

  • Call your broker to update your travel insurance.
  • Comply with FICA, when applying for currency you have to prove your identity. Take your ID, passport, proof of residency and ticket with you when you go to the bank.
  • Notify your bank when you are travelling so they do not block your card if they become concerned about transactions in unusual locations.
  • Inform your medical scheme that you will be travelling and get relevant contact details for emergencies.
  • Keep your belongings secured and close to you at all times. Do not become a victim of theft due to poor vigilance.

Vehicle safety

  • Give your vehicle a full service before you travel, check oil, water and tyre pressure before you start your journey.
  • Tyre pressure, tread and possible punctures should be checked after your car is fully loaded as per the manufacturer’s recommendation based on your load.
  • Travel with your doors locked.

The AA (Automobile Association) recommends you pack the following emergency items:
• Fire extinguisher
• First aid kit
• Aerosol tyre inflator containing gas and latex to seal punctures
• Flashlight
• Jump leads
• Tow rope
• Warning triangle
• Strong adhesive tape
• Jack
• Wheel spanner
• Compact tool box
• Vehicle technical handbook

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