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General security safety tips

Criminals are becoming more savvy by the day. Private security companies have received numerous reports that criminals are now using a new Modus Operandi (MO) to con their way into a resident’s home.

According to most reports, criminals are ringing bells/knocking on doors or gates to lure the resident out by using their name, or the name of someone else in the family to build trust. The SAPS have warned that they suspect criminals may be looking at post left in mailboxes, or going through your garbage. You would be surprised how much someone can learn about you by simply looking through your trash.

We are urging all residents to be aware of this new MO used by criminals and to take the necessary precautions to prevent being conned. Always confirm whether the person requesting entry is really who they say they are, or whether they are expected. If you or someone in the family does not know them, or why they are there, do not let them enter and call your security company or the police.

Points to consider:

  • Make sure that all names, address, banking, clothing or cell phone accounts are properly discarded by removing personal information and properly ripping/cutting it up.
  • Do not allow post to pile up outside your gate or door for anyone to look through.
  • Ensure that your trash in general is carefully discarded to protect identities and habits.
  • Confirm whether a delivery/visitor/contractor is really expected and valid. If not, send them away, call the police or your security company.
  • Never tell anyone that you are home alone, or that the person they are looking for is not there. This can make you seem more vulnerable and also gives away important information such as daily routines and who is who in your family.
  • Be cautious of what you choose to share on social media, personal information such as being away from your home can give intruders the heads up they need to gain access to your property undeterred.
  • Remember to activate your alarm when leaving your home, even for a minute or two. Most insurance claims will not be accepted if the alarm was not activated.
  • Test your home and car alarm regularly to make sure they are in good working order.
  • Make safety your priority.

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