Secure your future with various savings and investment options:

Savings Plan

Many of life’s good habits take practise, like exercising regularly, eating healthy food and even flossing! In the same way, if you develop good savings habits, you will be in a better position to retire comfortably, send your kids to university, pay for your new car or enjoy that dream holiday, with any of these options available:

Savings Policy
  • Save from as little as R200 per month
  • Terms range over 5, 10 or 15 years
  • Minimum entry age 18 and maximum 84
Two-in-one Savings
  • Save from as little as R170 per month
  • Offers a Long-Term Pocket to save towards longer-term goals (e.g. buying a house) and a Short-Term Pocket, which allows access to funds when needed (e.g. in emergencies)

Investment Plan

Make good investment decisions today to secure your tomorrow. Iemas offers investment plans that will help you realise your future financial goals and dreams.
Watch your money grow with these two Iemas investment options:

  • A tax-free investment that allows you to save from as little as R250 per month, with no tax payable on dividends, capital gains or interest. While you have an annual payment limit of R33 000 and a lifetime limit of R500 000, you can withdraw money at any time.

  • A lump sum investment with an initial investment period of five years and a minimum investment amount of R100 000. You can withdraw money during the policy term, however charges apply if this happens within the first two years. You pay no tax at the date of maturity.

Retirement Annuities

After years of hard work you want to retire cosy and carefree, but what if you haven’t saved enough? To ensure that you’re better prepared for the retirement you deserve, Iemas helps you avoid any possible gap between your company pension/provident fund savings amount and the real amount you need to comfortably put your feet up.

Start investing at any age up to 54 years, from only R170 per month, with the option to take up to six premium holidays during the life of your plan. There is no medical exam or compulsory health questions, and you can access your investment on reaching a sprightly 55 years.