making dream homes possible

Iemas Housing Solutions making dream homes possible

Your dream home no longer has to be something that you only dream about. Make it a reality in 2018 ...
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Iemas’ 80th birthday celebration! What a milestone!

Iemas is celebrating its 80th birthday this September. 80 years is a significant time and surely justifies a trip down ...
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Personal finance in 10 sentences

1. Spend less than you earn 2. The best time to start was yesterday, the worst time to start is ...
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a will

What happens when you die without a will?

We often talk about the importance of having a financial plan, and while anticipating how you will meet your goals ...
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Iemas cares: Nelson Mandela International Day 2017

Initiatives like Mandela Day resonate with Iemas’ brand promise of being a caring partner; and we are proud to have ...
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financial wellness

How financially well are your employees?

In Iemas’ recent 2017 employer survey, 95% of participants indicated that their employees would need additional financial wellness training. Feedback ...
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