Your FREE annual credit report!

Did you know you that Compuscan ( offers a free annual credit report?

It is important to manage your credit profile and ensure that it is up to date. You can go to the following link and register to receive a free credit report once a year:

Why does a good credit profile matter?

Your credit profile will, for example have an impact on the rates you are able to negotiate with a financier when you apply for a mortgage bond or vehicle finance. Your credit profile is an indication of how financially responsible you are and whether you can be trusted to pay your accounts at the end of the month.  If you do not have a good credit profile, you may have difficulty to apply for a cell phone or other credit.

Make sure that your credit profile is updated especially when you have settled some debt and/or if you have plans for home improvements, expanding your business, if you want to apply for a store card or cell phone, etc. in the near future.

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