What will you be doing in 2029? Start planning now

Ten years older and hopefully wiser, what will you be doing in 2029? How much would your children have grown? Possibly nearing retirement? Running your own business? Regardless of the life stage you may find yourself, saving for any long-term financial goal or your child’s education is a good place to start in 2019.

Schooling and tertiary education is expensive, more so if you are a one-salary household but saving towards a long-term goal is still possible even in these tough economic times.

It requires some sacrifice and better budgeting but a good education will empower your children and give them choices to a brighter future.

We would like to introduce FutureInvest options from as little as R250pm over a minimum term of 10 years; you can save for your child’s education or any long-term financial goals.

Grow savings painlessly

Save from as little as R250pm and watch it grow. Within the year, you would have grown into the habit of savings and can increase that amount with 2% and not feel the pinch. Anyway, that is equivalent to one family trip to McDonald’s excluding the ice cream.

Invest for growth

Saving consistently for 10 years without access to the funds, will ensure that you have a good sum of money that will grow faster than the increases in school fees. Limited access to education savings is always a good thing so you will not be tempted to use it in an emergency.

For more information on FutureInvest, please click here for the brochure.

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