earn annual rewards

Use your purchase card at these national retailers and earn annual rewards!

Use your Iemas purchase card to save every time you swipe! You can use your purchase card at any of our national stores including:

Ackermans, Bata Shoe Stores, Boardmans, Builders, Cape Union Mart, Old Khaki, Poetry, Chamberlain Stores, Checkers, Checkers Hyper, Checkers Liquor, Clicks, CNA Stores, Contempo, Dion Wired, Dis-Chem, Edgars, Red Square, Game, Game Liquor, Hyperama House & Home, Hungry Lion, Jet, Makro, MediRite, OK Furniture, PEP Stores, Pick n Pay, Pick n Pay Clothing, Pick n Pay Liquor, PQ Clothing, Shoe City, Shoprite, Shoprite Liquor, Tekkie Town and Woolworths.

In addition, you can use your card at selected stores such as: AutoZone, Cambridge Foods, Dros, Midas, Fuel stations, PG Glass, Pharmacies, President Hyper, PNA Stationers, SPAR, SPAR Tops, Tiger Wheel & Tyre, Tyres & More and Volpes.

Visit https://www.iemasfinancialservices.co.za/card/suppliers-directory for a comprehensive retailer directory and direct any retail related enquiries to suppliers@iemas.co.za.

Remember that you earn annual member benefits on your card purchases. Based on the 2017 reward percentages you could have earned as follow:

Monthly spending Annual spending 2017 Reward
R1 000 R12 000 R 360
R2 000 R24 000 R 720
R3 000 R36 000 R1 080
R4 000 R48 000 R1 440
R5 000 R60 000 R1 800

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Annual rewards earned on all purchases, excluding fuel purchases, payable at the end of November!
On top of this you can also earn the rewards offered by retailers on their rewards program such as Woolworths, Clicks, Pick n Pay, Dis-Chem, Edgars, Jet etc.

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