Top tips for superwomen

Women are the primary breadwinners for 40% of South African households and account for 44% of the employed population. In addition to putting food on the table and keeping a roof over their family’s heads, women also have to educate their children and manage daily chores. This Women’s Month we look at a few practical tips that our superwomen can use to make their lives a little easier:

Draw up a household budget and get the family on board. Keep track of your household spending and ensure that everyone in the household sticks to the budget. Do a recon at the end of each month to see where you can cut expenses in the coming month. Download our easy-to-use budget template here:

Buy your house. According to Lightstone Property statistics, roughly 72 000 residential properties were purchased by single women in South Africa in 2018, far surpassing the number of homes sold to men (62 000). Although women are not high earners in comparison to their male counterparts, they are strong decision-makers and are playing an integral part in the home buying process.

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Make time for yourself: Your personal wellbeing is just as important as the wellbeing of your family. Take a bit of time every day to look after yourself. Whether it is reading a few pages from the book you have been eager to read, watching a movie, or painting your nails – you deserve some ‘me time’.

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