Annual rewards

It’s annual rewards time at Iemas!

Iemas has a rewards programme like no other! November is a time when our members annually share in the organisation’s profits and we are excited to announce the 2018 member rewards amount to be a total of R109.4 million!

2018 Member rewards breakdown:

Product Reward % Benefits of the product
Iemas Purchase card 3% *Cardholders can look forward to receive 3% back on purchases.
Short-term insurance 4% *Policyholders who are administered by Iemas Insurance Brokers can look forward to receive 4% cash back on total premiums paid.
Loan products 10% *Members with personal loans, mini loans, maxi loans, emergency loans and GradUcare educational loans can look forward to receive 10% on interest paid.
Vehicle finance 8% *If you have vehicle finance, you can look forward to receive 8% on interest paid.
Pension-backed loans 2% *Members with pension-backed loans can look forward to receive 2% on interest paid.
Interest earned on reserve funds 6.5% *A portion of your benefit (received on loans and finance business) is invested into a reserve fund. This fund acts as a savings account which accumulates as you continue to do business with Iemas and generates interest on an annual basis. This year, your reserve fund will earn 6.5% interest on the total fund balance.

*All rewards are paid for the 12 months ending 31 August 2018. Terms and Conditions apply.

For a detailed outline of the reward percentages and allocation process per product, take a look at the Iemas rewards video or download our user-friendly 2018 rewards allocation infographic.

Despite the challenging economic times, South Africa faced in recent years, Iemas has been able to allocate more than a billion rand in member rewards over the past 10 years. This is a significant contribution to our members of which we are extremely proud and which is a testament to Iemas’ unique and resilient business model.

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For more detailed information about Iemas’ overall performance for the past financial year, as ended on 31 August 2018, please click here to view the 2018 Annual Report.


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