Iemas Cares: Financial Wellness Training 2017

At Iemas we care about your employee’s financial wellness, as such we have completed 6,734 financial training sessions throughout the country in 2017!

Many people spend a large part of their lives and resources to improve their levels of education to secure employment. However, very few people are exposed to opportunities which allows them to acquire skills on how to manage their finances. The unfortunate result is that many people earn a good income yet often find themselves in a financial bind. Over 78% of employed people are troubled by one or more financial or healthcare emergency. Employees can spend up to three (3) hours per day using the employer’s time and resources (email and telephone) to sort out these issues and therefore many employees are physically present but are distracted and unproductive.

Employee financial wellness is a critical component in the wellbeing and productivity of employees. However, as an employer, you may not be aware of the personal challenges faced by your employees.   Financial wellness information can reduce employee stress and health-related problems.

During 2017, Iemas successfully reached 6,734 employees nationwide with financial wellness information and tips during financial wellness sessions at employers.

Iemas can assist employees, not only with financial transactions but also with improving their overall financial wellness.

By completing our financial Wellness Programme, employees will be able to demonstrate the ability to make informed and responsible decisions regarding their financial future.

The programme is designed to provide knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • The importance and role of money in your life
  • Planning and managing a budget
  • Debt management and tips to escape a debt spiral
  • Savings and investment tips
  • Financial needs analysis and financial planning
  • Home ownership and housing tips
  • Buying a car

The Iemas Financial Wellness Programme is offered FREE of charge to all participating employer groups. The training is provided at the workplace and in a language that accommodates employees. The programme can also be customised for induction and other employee programmes such as employee retirement planning.

For more information, your Human Resources department can contact your nearest Iemas branch to arrange the sessions.


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