Handy tips to stay safe this holiday season!

The holiday season is the time to let your hair down, but surely not a time to let your guard down. Here are some tips to ensure your holiday season is a festive one!

Your home

  • Let your security company know that you will be away to arrange for additional security to ensure your house is safe. The alarm must be in working order and tested regularly. Remember to ALWAYS activate the alarm even if you are leaving your home for only 2 minutes.
  • Besides your security company, don’t inform the rest of the world that you will be away on holiday.  Refrain from publicly announcing the fact that you will not be home or for how long you will be away on Facebook or other social media platforms. It’s not only your friends who may be interested in this information. When you are packing your car, do it behind closed doors and out of sight of the road if possible.
  • Ensure that your homeowner’s insurance (for the buildings) is in order. This covers events including fire or water damage from floods or a burst geyser. If you are getting a house-sitter, make sure they have your insurance broker’s contact details in case anything goes wrong during your time away.

Your belongings

  • Personal electronics & accessories such as tablets; laptops; cellphones; GPS; etc. need to be specified to enjoy cover. Expensive items such as cameras, jewellery and watches should be insured separately. Both instances increase your monthly insurance premium.
  • Jewellery & other valuable items must be locked away in a safe that is bolted to a wall.
  • Check your all-risks cover, and the limits thereof, especially for items you are taking with you if going on holiday. Certain items of value may need to be specified or insured separately.

Your vehicle

  • Ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy, for example, if tyres are badly worn, lights are not working, or windscreen wipers are inoperable when conditions demanded its use, your insurance claim could be repudiated.
  • If you are crossing into a neighbouring country, you’ll need the following:
    • A letter from your insurance company stating that the vehicle is covered for cross-border travel.
    • A letter of authorisation from the financing institution stating that the vehicle may be driven across the border, as it remains the property of the said financial institution until paid off.
  • If you are travelling with a trailer or caravan, make sure it is insured – some vehicle insurance policies do not automatically cover your trailer/caravan.

Did you know at Iemas we offer our short-term insurance policyholders a 24-hour emergency service, called Insurance Assist? The service includes roadside and accident assistance, emergency medical service, home assistance and even caravan and trailer assist (these services are dependent on the package the policyholder chooses as it is not automatically included). Contact Iemas short-term insurance on 0860 102 383 for more information.

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