Why is Education so important

Crowdfunding helping students with bursaries and employment opportunities

The Feenix Trust is an initiative born in response to #TheFeesMustFall protest-led student movement. A crowdfunding platform through which qualifying university students are funded and sponsored by donating individuals and businesses.

Iemas and Feenix Trust found ways in which the co-operative can extend a helping hand to alleviate one of the most important national problems, i.e. the payment of the outstanding fees at tertiary institutions. Iemas chose to support the crowdfunding initiative as it relates well with the co-operative principle – Your Caring Partner, and may offer talent attraction and employment opportunities.

Apart from corporate social responsibility, Iemas selected three students in the field of Information Technology from universities in the Gauteng area. We will build relationships with the selected students while funding their studies. This will be done through regular interaction and exposure to the Iemas workplace during university holidays.

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