Short-term Insurance Brokerage

Iemas Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Iemas Financial Services (Co-operative) Limited.

Iemas Insurance Brokers is a brokerage that offers you access to short-term insurance products to suit your needs, including:

  • Multiple insurance quotations to choose from (underwritten by Old Mutual Insure; Santam and Regent)
  • Comprehensive cover for vehicle, household goods and third party cover to suit your pocket
  • Offering of 6 month retrenchment
  • Offering of 6 month death benefit for spouses
  • Expert advice and support regarding your unique short-term insurance requirements
  • Additional value adding products including Insurance Assist, Tyresure, Geysersure, etc.
  • Homeplex insurance for entry level insurance needs

Iemas Insurance Brokers further offers value adding products in the form of Insurance Assist. Insurance Assist is available to you 24 hours a day should you have a flat tyre, flat battery, need medical assistance or even a plumber.

Value Adding Products:

Insurance Assist:

You can choose between the Basic, Enhanced and Executive packages. Each package contains benefits including, but not limited to:

Basic Assist:

  • Funeral Assist
  • Premium Waiver
  • RoadCover
  • Domestic employee compensation plan
  • Roadside and Accident Assist
  • HIV Assist
  • Intelligent Panic
  • Emergency Medical Service (Access only)

Enhanced Assist:

  • All Basic Assist benefits
  • Hijacking Assistance
  • Home Assist

Executive Assist:

  • All Basic Assist benefits
  • Hijacking Assistance
  • Home Assist
  • Caravan and Trailer Assist
  • Trauma and Assault Benefit