Group scheme

Complete peace of mind

With over seven decades of experience, Iemas has proven to be an industry stalwart providing clients with excellent financial and insurance solutions. As part of our portfolio, we offer group funeral assistance schemes.

The Iemas Member Voluntary Group Funeral Assistance Scheme “The Funeral Care Plan”
The Iemas Umbrella Group Funeral Assistance Scheme provides funeral cover to eligible employees of participating Iemas employer groups.
Iemas Group Schemes are value for money, easy to join and simple to understand. The products are administered by Iemas and special group rates will be calculated based on the number of Iemas members.


This product provides group funeral cover to eligible employees of participating lemas employer groups.

  • Scheme rules adapted to suit the requirements of participating Iemas employers
  • Limited restrictions or exclusions
  • No underwriting
  • Claims processing by Iemas within 48 hours of required claim documents
  • Competitive premium rates
  • Draft staff announcement
  • H.R. Business process and manual
  • Dedicated e-mail


Membership information form

  • Completed forms are submitted to lemas by the participating employer group.
  • The participating employer group will provide lemas with a schedule of employees.

Membership qualification:

  • Employee of participating employer group
  • Salary deduction by employer
  • Principal lemas member under the age of 65
  • Actively at work when joining the scheme

Group scheme claims settlement Claims

Are administered in terms of the scheme rules agreed between the the policyholder, product provider and supplier.