Funeral Care Plan

No one is fully prepared to lose a loved one. It is a painful process made even more difficult by financial worries.

The costs associated with arranging a funeral can be substantial. If we don’t plan ahead the process can become stressful. By being prepared for the unexpected, you can spend valuable time with your family instead of rushing around to find funds to cover the funeral expenses.

Burial prices can start at R6 000, although the price depends on the choice of coffin and the services required. Cremations can start at R8 000, but the actual cost also depends on the coffin you choose.

The Iemas Funeral Care Plan is available exclusively to Iemas members employed by an Iemas contracted employer group. With this plan you can provide funeral cover for your immediate family, parents, extended family and one domestic worker.

Cover options start from as little as R6.00 per month. Iemas members who are younger than 64 years may join the group scheme, and choose between Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond benefit options. Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond cover includes free burial repatriation.

Cover for parents and extended family may only be provided at the time of first becoming a member of The Funeral Care Plan.

During the first six months of membership, claims will be paid for accidental death. Once you have paid six consecutive monthly premiums, claims will be paid regardless of cause of death.