Iemas Housing Solutions

In our quest to deliver superior and value-adding service, Iemas recognises that both our members and potential future members have unique financial requirements. With this in mind Iemas is excited to announce its new Housing Solutions offering.

The Iemas Housing Solutions offering includes:

  • The existing pension-backed home loan product which is only available to members employed at those employers where Iemas has a contract with both the employer and the retirement fund to offer pension-backed home loans to its employees.
  • A bond origination service which can be used by any Iemas member when applying for home loan finance.

The Iemas pension-backed home loan product:

Eligible Iemas members can utilise a pension-backed home loan to improve, extend or build their home according to their needs.

Pension-backed home loans can be utilised to:

  • Renovate your home
  • Build a house (applications for building in rural areas accommodated)
  • Build a garage or extra room or even a swimming pool
  • Replace bathroom or kitchen cupboards

In order to apply the following documentation is required:

  1. Offer to purchase
  2. Proof of home ownership
  3. Quotation for improvement (e.g. building material, paving etc.)
  4. ID/Certified copy of ID
  5. 3 Latest payslips
  6. Income tax statement/IRP5 document (for tax number verification)
  7. Latest proof of residence (for FICA purposes)

The Iemas bond origination service:

Obtaining a bond to purchase a house in today’s economic climate is a very difficult and a time consuming exercise. Therefore, Iemas recently partnered with MortgageMax, an industry leading bond originator service provider, to make the process of applying for a home loan easy, convenient and hassle free.

Benefits of utilising the Iemas bond origination service:

  • Because we work with all 7 banks (ABSA, FNB, Nedbank, Standard Bank, Investec, RMB and Mercantile Bank) we have a far better chance of obtaining a bond on your behalf and to get the best possible term and interest rate
  • Our qualified consultants will advise you on the home loan amount you qualify for and assist you throughout the entire application process
  • We know exactly what information is required by each bank to make a successful bond application and will guide you accordingly
  • Our service to you is absolutely FREE!

Use the calculator below to:

  • Determine the maximum home loan or bond you may qualify for based on your monthly income
  • Obtain an estimate of what your total monthly repayment on your loan will be

Calculator Link.

In order to apply the following documentation is required:

  1. Signed offer to purchase
  2. ID/Certified copy of ID
  3. 3 Latest payslips
  4. 1 Month’s payslip for fixed income – if member’s current employment is more than 3 months
  5. Full employment contract if member’s current employment is less than 3 months or 6 months’ payslips for variable income
  6. Income tax statement/IRP5 document (for tax number verification)
  7. Latest proof of residence (for FICA purposes)

Let us assist you in making your dream house a reality! Contact us today.

*Terms and conditions apply including, approval, loan amount and payback terms are subject to individual credit vetting and profile.

Additional Iemas services you can rely on:

  • Iemas can also assist you with home, vehicle and building insurance
  • Increasingly banks insist on mortgage protection policies as insurance against the bond and Iemas can assist you with this as well
  • We can assist you with a personal loan to cover the legal and other fees associated with a successful bond registration