What your car says about you

What your car says about you

Your car could reveal things about yourself even if you do not do or say anything at all. Here are a few things that could influence how others see you based on the car you drive:

The type of car you drive

  • Bakkie: You might be considered as a “tough guy (or girl)” who works in the construction industry or who has a labour-intensive job that requires some serious strength.
  • Luxury cars: You will probably be viewed as being successful, and even snobby. Someone who is probably a business executive or a celebrity
  • Minivans: Minivans are mostly associated with soccer moms. It is clichè, however, minivans are targeted towards those with families, and who often participate in sports, outdoor activities and other gatherings.
  • Hatchback: You might be considered to be young, energetic and mobile. Others might even view you as a yuppie. It makes sense since these cars are popular among Millennials.

Your car’s brand

  • BMW: You are perceived as successful, knowledgeable and book smart.
  • Mercedes Benz: You are viewed as a more mature individual who enjoys the finer things in life. You support all things fresh and organic.
  • Toyota: Toyota is often the go-to choice for new drivers or those who are unsure about other car brands. Thus you could be viewed as someone who does not like to take risks.
  • Ford: Is generally associated with people who enjoy a sport and the outdoors.
  • Audi: You could be viewed as a jet-setter who enjoys city living and is very ambitious but also very daring.

The colour of your car

  • Blue: If you want to appear cool, collected and confident
  • Red: You may come across as aggressive, passionate or provocative.
  • White: Purity, peace and perfection.
  • Black: Will give off the impression that you’re mature, professional and sophisticated.
  • Green: Green conveys a range of meanings from freshness to ambition to jealousy.

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