Life File

What is in a Life File? An easy to watch guide

Plan today to secure your tomorrow with a Life File.

What if something unforeseen happens to you today? Will your loved ones know where to find your important documents, Will and last wishes?

It is vitally important to 1) Put together a Life File and 2) Draw up or update your Will.

What is a Life File?
This is a file that consists of your important information and documentation that your family will require in the event of your death or disability.

What is included in a Life File?

  1. Completed and signed copy of your last Will
  2. Certified copy of nominated executor’s ID
  3. Certified copy of your ID
  4. Certified copy of your spouse’s ID
  5. Certified copy of your marriage certificate
  6. Certified copy of your children’s IDs
  7. Certified copy of divorce decree
  8. Certified copy of settlement agreement
  9. Certified copy of maintenance agreement
  10. Copy of your insurance policies and contracts – both short and long-term insurance
  11. Certified copy of your firearm license
  12. Certified copy of your driver’s license
  13. Copy of all your vehicle’s registration documents
  14. Copy of all your vehicle’s license receipts
  15. Copy of your municipal account/s
  16. Copy of your telephone, service provider or cellular accounts
  17. Copy of all fixed properties’ title deeds or information regarding where they can be found
  18. Copy of your lease or rental agreement
  19. List of investments and broker details
  20. List of all IOU’s in your favour
  21. List of all IOU’s that you owe your creditors (clothing or furniture accounts etc.)
  22. Your banking details
  23. List of where your cash allowances are held and certified copies of cash allowances certificates
  24. Particulars of your employer
  25. Particulars of your pension fund and/or group insurance
  26. Certified copy of your latest income tax assessment or e-Filling login details
  27. Copy of your funeral policy particulars

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