Top driving myths busted

Top driving myths busted

When it comes to cars and driving, it seems like everyone has an opinion and are convinced that they know exactly what they are talking about. However, there are many myths out there that might be keeping you away from the truth. We look at a few driving myths and what the real facts are:

  1. Men are better drivers than women:
  2. In 2018, after the Easter weekend, the Transport Ministry released a statement on the road accidents over the Easter period and announced that contributory factors related to human behaviour show that male drivers accounted for 71% of fatalities with female drivers accounting for just 24%.

  3. Red cars are faster:
  4. They may appear to be as many sport cars such as Ferraris are red. However, they come in many other colours and are not any slower.

  5. Talking on the phone, hands-free, is much safer than holding it to your ear:
  6. Several studies have shown that talking on a phone, even via Bluetooth, is still a distraction, with some studies even finding it’s more dangerous than talking to a passenger, or even driving intoxicated.

  7. You should drive with your hands at ten and two:
  8. The ten and two position for your hands on the wheel either went out of fashion because of the invention of airbags or because of power steering, but either way, the change happened a long time ago. Placing your hands at nine and three, on the wheel, is now the accepted way for driving.

  9. Driving with flip-flops, high heels or bare feet is illegal:
  10. It is not illegal to drive in flip-flops, but it is not very practical either, and many experts would advise you to kick them off and drive barefoot instead. The same applies to high heels, which can be genuinely dangerous if they get caught up in carpet or floor mats.

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