National wills

This week is National Wills Week – remember to update or draft your Will

National Wills Week is an annual nationwide initiative that encourages South Africans to get a Will in place or to update their current Will. It usually takes place during the 3rd week in September, this year Wills week is from 16-20 September. Many people die without having a valid Will and that causes unhappiness, confusion and disputes among family members; and delays and extra costs for the deceased’s estate. By drafting a Will, you are ensuring that your assets are disposed of in accordance with your wishes after your death.

Why should an attorney draft your Will?

A practising attorney is a qualified professional registered with a law society and has the necessary knowledge and expertise to ensure that you are Will is valid and complies with all the legal requirements. An attorney can advise you on any problem which may arise with your Will and they can assist and support your executor. They can help to ensure that your estate is administered promptly and efficiently.

What happens to your estate if you die without a valid Will?

If you die without leaving a valid Will, your assets will be distributed according to the provisions of the Intestate Succession Act. The provisions of this act are generally fair and ensure that your possessions are transferred to your spouse and children. But there can be unhappiness and conflict among the family members as there are no clear instructions on how to distribute your assets.

We can help you to draft a valid Will free of charge.

Iemas Insurance Brokers an authorised financial service provider (FSP 47563) and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Iemas Financial Services offers Wills and estate planning services. The service offering includes a living Will, professional consultations and fiduciary services. In addition, the drafting of the Will and Testament are done free of charge, as are amendments and safe custody thereof. For more information call us today on 0860 102 383 to secure your family. Use our calculator to calculate the legacy you will leave your loved ones in the event of death


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