Hijacking and abduction trend

The latest Hijacking and abduction trend in South Africa and ways to avoid it

Hijackings have been a reality in South African for quite some time now. However, motorists have to stay on top of the latest hijacking trends in order to take the necessary precautions to avoid being a victim. Durban based security company, Blue Security, has seen an increase in the number of hijackings together with abductions in South Africa. The company recently stated that they have noticed a sharp rise in the way that hijackers operate. Their methods have somewhat changed recently, which is terrible news for law-abiding citizens.


Hijackers are more likely to abduct the driver than forcing them out of their own car. Although this is not a new trend, it has become more popular recently. One of the reasons for this is that hijackers seem to think that if they abduct the driver, they will be able to get information in terms of where the vehicle tracking system is located in the vehicle. However, that is seldom the case, as most vehicle owners do not know where in their vehicle the tracking system is installed.

Another reason is to get access to the driver’s bank accounts. Once the hijackers abducted the driver’s they will force them to share their bank account pin, steal their bankcard and empty the driver’s bank account.

Important facts about hijackings in South Africa:

  • These crimes usually happen between 19:00 – 21:30
  • Only a minority of hijackings occur on the road. Most take place in driveways
  • Unemployment rates, evolving technology and VAT increases have all contributed to a rise in hijacking statistics.
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