Stay safe in Silly Season

Stay safe in Silly Season – hijacking survival tips

‘Silly Season’ is upon us. During this period there is generally a peak in crime around the country. Be safe and vigilant, especially over the next few months and report any suspicious behaviour to your local SAPS and Security Service Provider.

In addition to speaking to the authorities, you can also follow a few golden rules while on the road and in the unfortunate event of a hijacking:
1. REMAIN OFF YOUR PHONE! Put your phone on silent or out of reach while driving.

2. If your windscreen or tyre is damaged while driving, drive to a well-lit area before stopping to inspect the damage.

3. Do not stop for anyone that might indicate they are in need of help in deserted or high-risk areas. Contact SAPS or a security company to assist.

4. Take a different route daily when leaving home or returning home.

5. Lower your music, eliminating distractions and be extra vigilant 1km from your destination, ensuring that you are not being followed.

6. Open the gate prior to pulling into the driveway. Parking in your driveway while opening your gate might get you boxed in.

In the unfortunate event of a hijacking:
1. At no given time resist the attacker or suspects and keep your hands visible at all times.

2. Be submissive and listen to the suspects’ instructions, do not resist once you have exited the vehicle.

3. Remain calm and try to identify any useful information about the hijackers without staring at them.

4. Create time and space as quickly as possible between yourself and the threat.

5. Listen to the information the suspects share amongst themselves and possibly via cellphone.

6. Estimate the height of the suspects by comparing it to your own height.

7. Identify any clothing, markings and shoes of the suspects. Some suspects will change their clothes, but not their shoes.

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