Lunchbox tips

Practical and healthy lunchbox tips

Back to school, studies and work mean thinking about delicious lunch box filling ideas for yourself and your family. However, it is not always easy to come up with healthy eats especially after the holiday season which is associated with bad eating habits and lots of sugary and unhealthy treats.

Here are some tips for healthy, delicious lunch boxes:

  • Swap white sliced bread for low GI or whole-wheat bread
  • Omega-3’s fatty acids are great brain food, try salmon, walnuts or kiwi fruit
  • Try food pairing such as cherry tomatoes with cheese cubes
  • Pack a small tub of plain yogurt for calcium
  • Cut fruit and vegetables into fun shapes, think carrot sticks and cucumber wedges
  • Dinner leftovers are a healthy option over packing a sandwich
  • Pack water, not juice, if your child is reluctant, try diluting the juice
  • Oat-crunchie biscuits are not only delicious but healthy
  • Boiled eggs and biltong are easy to pack and are a good source of protein
  • Other healthy snacks to keep in mind include: dark chocolate, nuts, dried fruit, granola bars and Almonds
  • Plan the lunchbox items the day before and try make what you can at night to save time in the morning
  • Consider lunchbox contents when grocery shopping and try mix it up every day

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