Iemas loves you

Iemas loves you, that is why we care about your financial wellness

There are many financial services providers and credit lending institutions claiming that they have the best products to suit your needs, however, what does that really mean?
Many of us did not learn how to manage our finances from an early age and may have suffered due to this short-sighted subject which is so very important.  However, it is never too late to take control of your financial wellness or improve on what you have currently been doing.

Fear not, as a member of Iemas, you are not alone. Iemas endeavours to be a caring partner in guiding you through your financial wellness journey. Iemas believes in offering products which are affordable and tailored to your financial situation.

As a trusted credit provider with a legacy spanning over more than 80 years, Iemas not only provides financial services but also a specific and targeted wellness programme to assist members with understanding exactly what financial wellness means and how to achieve it.

Our expert call centre consultants and relationship managers are always on hand to;

  • Provide assistance to participating employer groups in setting up workshops for employees
  • Present financial wellness training
  • Liaise with the employer groups for assistance with the application process
  • Ready to answer any questions relating to Iemas or the services offered
  • Encourage internal communication on financial wellness news with tips and suggestions

Take Iemas’ hand and allow us to guide you to a financially healthy status by not only offering services to suit your needs but also the means to achieve wellness.
Call us today on 0861 043 627 | visit our website | follow us on social media.

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