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Iemas Cares – October is Breast Cancer Awareness

The incidence of breast cancer among South African women is increasing and it is one of the most common cancers among women in South Africa.

Facts about breast cancer
• Early detection of the condition can lead to effective treatment and a positive prognosis. About 90% of patients survive for many years after diagnosis when breast cancer is detected at the early stages.
• Regular self-breast examination and regular mammograms are key to early detection.
• Presenting yourself early for treatment may result in more effective treatment, leading to a reduction in pain and suffering and a significant decrease in the loss of life.

Who can have a mammogram?
Every woman and man, aged 40 years and older. Those under 40 would first start with an ultrasound examination and then follow the doctor´s instructions as ultrasound examinations use sound waves to form an image, not radiation. Radiation is harmful to rapidly dividing cells (young cells). Our breasts are only fully developed once we have had children and radiation is unsafe until then. However, if you have not had children by age 40, start doing annual mammograms, as getting older and not having kids will also increase your risk.

Potential signs of Breast Cancer
• A lump in the breast or armpit, sizes vary from a marble to a tennis ball
• Increase in size of one breast
• Swelling of glands in the armpit
• Enlargement of one arm
• Dimpling of the skin
• Dimpling of or changes to the nipple
• Discharge from the nipple
• Lowering of one breast or nipple
• Orange peel´ appearance to the skin of breast and or nipple
• Retraction of one or both nipples
• Dry skin (eczema) of the nipple

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