How to support your employees to be the best

How to support your employees to be the best

The heart of every business is its people. As such a business have to make sure that it a) hires the right people but also b) invest in its employees to amplify their strengths and c) empower them to be the best at what they do. Here are a few tips on how employers can achieve this:

Hire people who will add value to your business: Look for specific skills and strengths that will add significant value to your business. In addition, employees who will ask questions, find solutions and can run with things on their own, whilst keeping their managers in the loop are great assets to any business.

The better the training the better the employee: Don’t make the mistake of hiring someone and then leave them to just figure things out by themselves. They need proper guidance and training from the start to not only get them up to speed but, also to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of the business, its culture and its processes. Thus, make sure that you spend enough time training employees when they join your business.

Set clear goals for your employees: Ensure that your employees know exactly what is expected from them. This can be done through performance reviews and by setting up regular one-on-one meetings to touch base with employees and review their goals and expectations. By doing so, everyone is aligned in terms of expectations and can work towards a common goal.

Listen to your employees: When you hire people for their specific strengths and skills, you need to hear them out. This requires constant communication to brainstorm new ideas and encourage them to keep the creative juices flowing.
Acknowledge your employees: Everyone likes to get recognised for great work, however, sometimes one gets so caught up in the day-to-day running of a business that great work is left unrecognised. Celebrate your employees’ successes by recognising these successes and rewarding them for it.

Support your employees’ financial wellness: Employees who have their finances under control will most likely be more productive and less stressed. Iemas offers free financial wellness workshops at all its participating employer groups. Find out how you can become part of the Iemas family: 0861 043 627

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