How to save on fuel costs?

How to save on fuel costs?

It seems as though a month never passes in South Africa without the fuel price soaring. But thankfully there is something that you can do about the situation. Here are 10 fabulous fuel-saving tips for you:

  1. Get your kit off the roof
    Surf or cycle over the weekend but not during the week? Remove the roof racks from your car during the week. This ensures better aerodynamics and improved economy.
  2. Ensure your tyres are correctly inflated
    Such a simple task can have a massive impact on fuel usage as well as handling. Correct inflation also means improved safety – low tyre pressure can cause blowouts.
  3. Lose weight
    Weight increases fuel usage! It also affects the vehicle’s handling. Unload unnecessary items from your car.
  4. Do not rubberneck
    We are all tempted to slow down and take a look at what caused the accident on the side of the road. Unnecessary slowing down and speeding up wastes fuel.
  5. Anticipate
    Always look ahead and get a good idea of what is about to happen in the next few seconds. Minimise your reactionary braking or aggressive acceleration. The smoother you drive, the more you will save.
  6. Do not drive when you are cross
    Angry driving burns more fuel. Burning out at the traffic lights or weaving in and out of cars can all mean heavy acceleration and heavy fuel usage.
  7. Go into cruise mode
    Using cruise control on the highway and setting a constant speed can save fuel.
  8. Servicing makes cents
    If you skip service intervals, you may be saving money by not servicing, but you will end up paying in the long run with poorer fuel economy. Worse still, you could end up with costly major mechanical damage.
  9. Plan your journey
    A wrong turn here and there means extra kilometres behind the wheel and that means you burn more fuel. Rushing out to the shops three or four times a weekend also impacts your pocket. Draw up a shopping list and ensure you complete all your errands in one trip.
  10. Buy an economical car
    Investigate fuel saving cars and save every time you drive!

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