Easy tips to clean and declutter your home office

Working from home allows you to design and maintain your workspace the way you would like it to be. A well-organised workspace can boost your productivity and help you to work effectively. Here are a few quick tips to get you organised:

Have a dedicated workspace

Working from your bed does not count as a workspace. Not only is it impractical but it will also make it difficult for you to focus. Find a quiet, open space in your home where you have a dedicated office space with a desk, power plugs and enough natural light.


Start by removing the things that you do not need. By taking everything off your desk, you are giving your desk and yourself a fresh start. Remove all your items from your desk and only keep what you truly need when you are working.

Keep it clean

Clean your desktop or personal computer every day and ensure that you are working in a clean environment. This will not only improve your productivity but it is also good for your health and hygiene.

Eliminate distractions

We are bombarded with so much information and news as we open our phones and computers. Turn off all notifications on your phone during work hours. Eliminate distractions so that you can focus on the top priority task. Close unnecessary internet browsers, and put your phone on silent when you need time to focus. Only answer work related calls during working hours so that you can focus on work only. You can always phone your family and friends after hours. If you share a house, make sure that everyone knows what your working hours are and ask them to not bother you during this time.

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Source: https://www.servicemasterclean.com/clean-blog/office-cleaning/6-easy-tips-to-declutter-and-clean-your-office/

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