Choosing the right career path or studies that suit you

Choosing the right career path or studies that suit you

People change, goals change, dreams change. But the essence of who you are at the core is something that always needs to be fed from a career perspective. If you are in the process of considering a career change or still making the decision to study part-time, consider these tips to ensure that you make the right career choice;

1. Feed your strengths and follow your passion
Your natural interests and the things that you gravitate towards hold a wealth of clues about the type of career that you would be successful at. Do some introspection, but also ask others for feedback on what they think your strengths and abilities are.

2. Spend time with a professional in your desired career path
Research and real-life experience is critical if you want a career that is the right fit for you. Many companies have programmes that invite people to spend a day with an industry professional. Make personal arrangements with companies that will be open to hosting you for a day.

3. Be an intern and work with a mentor
If you would like to formalise your work-experience why not take up an internship? While you are an intern, be sure to get assigned to a mentor so that your entry into the professional world is a guided experience.

4. Connect with influencers on LinkedIn
This is the digital age that we live in and this is the opportunity for you to seriously work it. Use LinkedIn to connect with influencers, follow their advice and opinions and begin to populate your own page with material that you generate and curate.

5. Make careful choices about where to study
Be sure to choose a reputable college or institution of learning that has a solid reputation that will hold up in industry. Also, take some time to reflect and do some personality tests to help you gain some insight into your strengths and areas for development.

6. Feel free to choose again
Career progression comes when you least expect it. Maybe you need to enrol in a part-time course, change careers or even develop a professional skill that you never knew you had.

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