Car maintenance tips for winter

Car maintenance tips for winter

Cars are expensive and therefore it is important to make sure that your beloved vehicle is well maintained throughout the year and especially in winter to protect it against the elements. Here are a few tips on how to maintain your vehicle and keep you safe during winter:

Make sure your battery is in good working condition: Make sure that your battery is charged by driving longer distances once a week. In addition, make sure that your battery is clean by wiping it with a warm cloth and ensure that your battery is secure and does not shift out of place under the bonnet.

Check your tyres: Your tyres should be in good condition all year round, and especially in winter as driving with worn tyres in wet or icy weather is extremely dangerous. Make sure that your tyres are inflated according to the car manufacturer’s guidelines. According to the law, your tyres must have at least a one-millimetre tread; it is time to replace your tyres should your vehicle’s tyre tread be less than this.

Don’t forget to switch off your lights: It is probably still dark when you leave home for work in the mornings, thus make sure that your car’s lights are switched off when you get to work (if your lights do not switch off automatically).

Take care of your windscreen and wipers: Removing frost from your windscreen by using hot water might cause it to crack. Rather rinse your windscreen with cold water or use a damp lukewarm cloth. Also, check your windscreen wipers and replace them if they are not in good condition.

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