Biggest car myths explained

Biggest car myths explained

Most of us know what it feels like when you buy a car and ‘everyone’ gives you tips and advice on how to maintain it. However it is not always easy to know what to pay attention to and what not. We bust a few of these myths so that you know how to look after your car and not compromise on safety.

Myth 1: Change your oil every 4000-5000 km. This is in fact untrue as some car oils can last up to about 20 000 km. Therefore, you don’t need to stress about it, just stick to the service intervals and the oil in your car will do just fine.

Myth 2: Aircon use more fuel. Using the aircon does put more strain on the engine, however there is merely a slight decrease in fuel economy and no measurable difference when opening the windows, as opening windows does increase aerodynamic drag.

Myth 3: If you jumpstart your car, it will recharge the battery soon. It could take up to a few hours of driving before the battery is restored. Especially in winter the battery will have difficulty charging due to little power left for the battery. If you are unsure about your car engine, a test at a service station will determine whether a battery can still hold a charge.

Myth 4: You have to get your car serviced at a dealership. As long as the maintenance items specified in the vehicle owner’s manual are performed on schedule, the work can be done at any auto-repair shop (as long as the specialist dealer has the correct equipment and knowledge).

Myth 5: Dishwashing liquid should be used to wash your car. Dishwashing liquid can actually strip off a car’s wax finish. Instead, use a car-wash liquid, which is especially formulated to clean a car.

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