Be the reason why someone smiles on Mandela Day

Mandela Day is around the corner – be a part of creating hope and a better tomorrow by expressing a simple random act of kindness. In commemoration of Nelson Mandela, we are all inspired by his legacy to make a meaningful and selfless contribution in helping someone. Below are a few simple things you can do for Mandela Day and every other day so that you can be the reason why someone smiles:

  • Be kind to people: This may seem like a very abstract and simple concept; however, it can have a very big impact. Start by always being pleasant, positive and friendly to everyone you interact with.
  • Always give a tip at restaurants, for take-out deliveries and online orders: Whenever you decide to go to a restaurant, make sure you always leave a tip for the waiter. If you can, tip more than the standard 10%. The same applies to take-out deliveries, make sure you either give them a tip or add it on the app you are using to order take-out. The same applies to online groceries, remember to always tip the driver.
  • Make an effort to make someone’s life easier: You can drop off essentials like non-perishable food items, toiletries and clothing at an orphanage or shelter. Just make sure that you sanitize the items and that the items are sealed or in bags that can be sanitized. You can also give blankets or hot water bottles to anyone you interact with that might need extra resources to keep warm – think about security guards, domestic workers, car guards etc.
  • Say thank you to our health care workers for keeping us safe: Working in a hospital and helping people to recover from an illness or operation is not easy. Show your appreciation to our healthcare workers and encourage them to keep up the good work by dropping off chocolate bars, sachets of hot chocolate or coffee with a thank you note at a hospital in your area.
  • Donate to online charities: You can donate clothes, foods and money online to a charitable cause. Remember that no matter how small you think your contributions are, it all matters and it sends a strong message of love, kindness, hope and care.

Whatever you decide to do on Mandela Day, remember to always adhere to the current lockdown regulations. Make sure that you are safe by sanitizing whatever you are giving away, keep a safe social distance and always wear your mask whenever you are in the public area. Stay hygienic and healthy so that you can keep making a difference.

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