About us

Iemas is a co-operative that offers financial services.

We provide affordable and competitive financial solutions to our members across South Africa. As a caring partner, we advise and support our members to ensure that they receive products suited to their individual needs.

A co-operative is member-owned. We are not about making big profits for shareholders, but creating value for our members. This is what gives us our unique character and influences our core values.

With a history spanning over more than 75 years, we have solid experience in financial services. Our vision is to become the most preferred Co-operative in South Africa that offers financial services. We provide a comprehensive range of financial products such as vehicle finance, mini and maxi loans, personal and emergency loans and pension-backed loans.

We also offer a purchase card, short-term insurance and life insurance products.

Our members receive an annual tax-free reward allocation on the interest paid throughout the year, as well as on purchases made with the purchase card and cash-back benefit on short-term insurance premiums regardless of claims.

Member rewards?

Every year, a portion of Iemas’ profits is allocated to our members. This amount, known as the member reward, varies from year-to-year because it depends on the profits that Iemas made during the year. Every member that utilised Iemas’ financing, purchase card or short-term insurance products throughout the year will receive a share of the member reward allocations.

The Board of directors proposes the percentages to be allocated for each product, and these are then approved by our members at the Annual General Meeting. The rewards are allocated to members in November every year. The percentage reward that is allocated to the member and the portion paid into a members’ reserve (savings) fund depends on the product portfolio that a member used and also on the type of product.